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Castle Point is an area of stunning coastline and rolling farmland in the East of England, situated between the seaside town of Felixstowe and the market town of Ipswich. The area has a rich maritime history, with old fishing villages, protected coves and cliffs, and today it is a popular tourist destination with its sandy beaches, coastal walks and stunning views. The area is also home to a number of historic places of interest, including the 12th century St Olaf's Church, the 14th century Battle Abbey and the 15th century Park House.Castlepoint takes its name from Castle Point, the amazing rock outcrop at the settlement's southern end. The rock was named by the British pilot James Cook in 1770, probably in light of the fact that the landform looked like a post.Castlepoint is popular for its shocking lighthouse, yearly horse races on the oceanfront, and 160-meter-high Castle Rock. The landscape, incredible fishing, safe swimming ocean side and flowing tidal pond are only a portion of the cause for why this is a particularly famous beach side place to get-away. Fostering in Castle Point the time span a child, or children, may stay with you could be a couple of days, a while, or longer. Now and then it could be a year or more. Sometimes that the circumstance is complicated or obviously a get back won't be imaginable, it tends to be until they at last become mature enough to leave out from home. Many agencies are available in castle point for fostering.

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