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Eastleigh, southern England, is an administrative and historical county, town and borough (district).

North and east of Southampton and centred around the town of Eastleigh. The community multiplied with the construction of railroad works in the 19th century. Eastleigh is an area of ??contrasts, from the city of Eastleigh, Southampton's growing industrial annex, to the residential estates and sailing playgrounds of Humble.The modern town of Eastleigh is built ancient Roman road built between Winchester (Venta Belgarm) and Bitterne (Clausentum) in A.D. 79. Roman artefacts found in the Eastleigh area, including a Roman lead coffin unearthed in 1908, indicate a likely Roman settlement here. A Saxon village called 'East Lear' is said to have existed since 932 AD ('Lear' is Old Anglo-Saxon for 'woodland glade'). The additional evidence of this settlement in research from the time in 932 AD when King Æthelstan gave his Stoneham lands to Alfred's military aid in the North. The prefix "Est" or "East" refers to Baddesley's location relative to the established settlement. The Domesday Book of 1086 provides a more detailed account of the settlement called "Estleie". In 1838, the London and South Western Railway (L&SWR) built a railway from Southampton to Winchester. It was decided to make a station near the small village of Burton. The station was initially called Bishopstoke Junction. In 1868 the towns of Barton and Eastleigh were combined into her single parish. Resurrection Church's parish church was built the same year at £2,300. A well-known local novelist, Charlotte Young, donated his £500 to the church's construction. As a reward, she received the privilege of choosing the name of the "new" church. Burton or Eastleigh? She settled on her Eastly, but she was the new modern spelling. Eastleigh. In 1891 the L&SWR carriage and wagon factory was moved from Nine Her Elms, London, to Eastleigh. Following this, the Nine Elms Locomotive Works moved there in 1909. These railway operations were closed in 2006 but have reopened, albeit on a smaller scale. Eastleigh has experienced a rapid and controlled expansion in residential, industrial and commercial development in recent years. Eastleigh has voted the ninth best place to live in the U.K. in 2006 by Channel 4's programme. On July 23, 1918, the U.S. Navy opened the Naval Air Station to assemble and repair Caproni Ca.5 and Airco DH.4 and DH.9 bombers for the Northern Bombing Group of World War I. Founded The base was closed shortly after the First Armistice at Compiègne. Perhaps Eastleigh's most famous 'resident' was the Spitfire airliner, manufactured in Southampton and first flown from Eastleigh Airfield. A replica was recently placed at the airport entrance roundabout. The Eastleigh Museum on High Street contains information about the town and surrounding villages, including Bishopstoke, once the largest residential area. B&Q's headquarters are located on Chestnut Avenue, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh. The city used to have a Mr Kipling Bakery. It was also home to the Prysmian Cable & Systems manufacturing facility until it burned down in 2008.

What is foster care?
Temporary custody or guardianship for children whose parents have died or cannot care for them. Looking for foster care in Eastleigh, or looking for foster care in other regions, check out the agencies listed in the regions.

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