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Leicester, England is the most northerly city in England, located about 125 miles north-west of London. The city was founded by the Roman general Aulus Plautius in the 1st century AD, and grew rapidly as a trading centre in the Middle Ages. Leicester was the site of two battles during the English Civil War - the Battle of Leicester in 1643 and the Battle of Naseby in 1645. Leicester became a royal city in the late 19th century and was the centre of the British motor industry in the 1920s. The city's economy has been increasingly diversified since the 1990s, and it is now a centre of medical research and education. Leicester is home to the world's second-largest aquarium and the National Space Centre.The city of Leicester is generally well known for its culturally assorted scene and top class colleges. arts and culture flourish in the suitably named Cultural Quarter, where you can track down many displays, exhibition halls, and theaters putting on a large number of occasions.Today, Leicester is much of the time named probably the best city in the UK in which to live and work, beating any likes of London, close by Birmingham, and Nottingham among others. Every year almost 500 children stay with foster families in Leicester. This can be for a week all at once or for a very long time. Children come from all networks and reach from new-born children to young teens. Some of the time families need a home where they can stay together. Handicapped children can require short breaks for one end of the week a month or more long-lasting care.

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