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County Mansfield is a local government county in Nottinghamshire, England. Its council is based in the town of Mansfield. It is a part of the Mansfield municipality. Unlike most councils in the UK, Mansfield County Council is led by a directly elected mayor, following a 2002 campaign by local businessman Stewart Rickersey to secure a referendum to change the governance of the traditional PDG (Chief Executive Officer) and be elected President with the Cabinet, including advisors with the title of Cabinet Members.

The 2005 replacement was MD (CEO) as Head of Paid Services with Directors, Service Managers and Line Managers providing day-to-day council services and Marketplace. The chief (elected by the voting public) holds executive power and a cabinet of advisors, known as the Portfolio Holder.

The mayor of Mansfield is currently Andy Abrahams of Labour, who was re-elected in an election scheduled for May 2019, succeeding incumbent political party Mansfield Independence Forum (MIF) Kate Allsop (2015) -2019), who has followed Tony Egginton in office since late 2003, both of whom are founding members of the Mansfield Independent Forum. Following the previous election in 2011, the MIF lost overall control after holding a majority of seats in the 2003 and subsequent 2007 elections.

What is foster care?

Temporary custody or guardianship for children whose parents have died or cannot care for them. Check out the agencies listed for foster care in Mansfield or foster care in other regions.

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