Does Your Child Need More Help At Home?

Does Your Child Need More Help At Home?


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*‘But I don’t like revising!!’*
Yep… neither do I. In fact, I hate it with such a passion that I sit there for hours staring at a notepad and BBC Bitesize. And I know what you’re all thinking…
“Just do it quickly and then it’ll be done.”
Yes parents… We know!!

 Despite that reality we procrastinate anyway, because it really isn’t what we’d rather do with our time.
Now, that was me before being introduced to Seneca. (Warning: this is about to sound very much like an ad haha).
Seneca is a free online revision website that you can log into absolutely anywhere and has courses on pretty much every subject, ranging from primary school work all the way to GCSEs and A levels. It gives you every topic and subtopic that’ll come up in your exams and teaches them to you using information bubbles and sections of YouTube videos, before giving you a couple questions to affirm you understand.
Now this is absolutely PERFECT for me since I struggle to learn just looking through a PowerPoint, or a website full of writing. I also don’t like those little mini exam quizzes you can do. It just doesn’t work for me, and I can imagine it’s difficult for lots of others too. Well, Seneca gives you a mix of the two simultaneously.
You’re probably wondering, ‘but how does that stop you procrastinating?’. Well, I honestly don’t know. I think because it works so well and I learn so much from it that it gives me motivation to learn more since I’m guaranteed to take something away from it. You can also track your progress through each course you do and it’s quite satisfying when you finish one and think “Wow. I’m going ACE this test.”

So, people out there incapable of revising… I hear you! But seriously, whether you’re a school child or an adult with children give this a go/recommend it!
Hopefully it’ll work for you as much as it does for me 
You can access this learning resource through the website:

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