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Full time

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Location: Greater Manchester | Salary: Dependant

Foster Carers

Location: Greater Manchester. Salary: Dependant

It’s not always possible for children and young people to live with their families. This means there are many children across the north-west in need of safe, supportive and loving homes. This is where foster carers come in.

What is foster care?

Foster carers provide safe, caring homes for children who need them. This could be for a matter of days, weeks, months or years. They help children and young people experience new things, build their self-esteem and grow and develop into confident young adults.

Children and young people can be placed in foster care from birth up to 18 years, either on their own or with their brothers and sisters. Some may even stay past 18 if they and their foster carers agree.

Some children and young people will be able to go back to live with their families, others will live with their foster carers until they’re young adults.

Why do children need to be fostered?

There are lots of different reasons why a child or young person may not be able to live with their family, including the death of a parent or carer, a family breakdown, drug and alcohol issues, and abuse or neglect.

We need foster carers

We’re looking for foster carers to provide homes for young people across the north west of England. As a charity, we’ve been supporting children and young people in need for almost 150 years. We’re dedicated to giving our foster carers the training, advice and skills they need to provide the best possible support to the children in their care.

We provide:

  • Access to a social worker 24-hours a day, 365 days a year – you’ll never be put through to a call centre
  • Generous allowance and fees
  • Respite care and outreach support
  • Annual fostering holiday
  • Regular support groups and training
  • Supervision from a qualified social worker.

As a foster carer you will:

  • Demonstrate Together Trust’s values by being: positive, passionate, professional, supportive
  • Provide a warm and nurturing home and a healthy lifestyle. This includes a balanced diet, reasonable exercise and making sure children’s health needs are met
  • Help children and young people develop skills and self-esteem by giving them the opportunity to undertake a range of activities and visit new places, supporting and integrating them into your family life
  • Encourage school or college attendance and achievement with support at home, for example, with homework
  • Set appropriate boundaries on behaviour and encourage self-control, using praise and encouragement
  • Attend meetings about the child or young person to plan and review progress, keeping in regular contact with social workers and other key professionals
  • Keep accurate daily records for the child or young person
  • Promote and support family time for children and young peoples families where this is appropriate
  • Be there through the more difficult times, remaining committed and providing the best possible support

Academic Qualification:
social work

self-esteem, self-control

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