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All4U Fostering Ltd

  • Sevenoaks, South East

Detailed Information

ALL4U Fostering is  a new agency, closely associated with the Layberry Foundation, a Registered Charity, which has been created specifically to address the needs of young people leaving care – ensuring that when they move into independence they are well prepared and supported. ALL4U Fostering plays a vital role in this.  As a fostering agency we do all we can to ensure that our foster carers are given support, so that in their turn, they can do their very best to achieve positive outcomes for the children and young people they look after. We know that young people, who have been through the care system, are over-represented in the statistics given for adult homelessness, offending and substance misuse.  This seems to demonstrate that too often the excellent work done by dedicated foster carers comes to nothing, because all too frequently the system provides no on-going support, when young people move on into independence.  ALL4U Fostering will, from day one of a placement, do its utmost to help carers prepare children/young people to reach their full potential and become confident and effective members of society.  The Layberry Foundation will help young people to further develop social and life skills and gain work experience. The organisation is managed by a highly qualified team, and the very ‘hands on’ Board of Directors, who between them have ‘clocked up’ over 100 years of experience in fostering, social work and youth justice.

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