Community Foster Care - Cumbria Allerdale, North West

Community Foster Care - Cumbria

  • Allerdale, North West

Detailed Information

Community Foster Care is a not-for-profit Foster Care Agency which provides Foster Care placements for Local Children in Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Swindon, West Cumbria and Lancashire. We’d love to hear from you if you are thinking of Fostering and would like to offer a Child a safe and welcoming home. Set up in 1999, we are a non-profit organisation with charity status and we work as a social enterprise. That means we put any financial surplus into improving services so that Children and Young people placed with us have all the help they need to reach their potential. We support our Foster Carers every step of the way with training and lots of back-up. We work closely with other not-for-profit organisations like Young Gloucestershire and Together in Matson so that the Children and Young people placed with us have access to additional activities and support networks which all helps to build their self-esteem. We are part of The Fairer Fostering Partnership, advocating for Children in respect of Government Policy, as well as being a member of The Fostering Network. Community Foster Care makes a difference to children's lives and to the communities where they live so if you want to know more about a foster care agency that feels like a large but supportive family, then please contact us.

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