Fostering People - Dundee Dundee City, Eastern Scotland

Fostering People - Dundee

  • Dundee City, Eastern Scotland

Detailed Information

Fostering People is a highly accredited community based fostering agency with over 20 year’s experience of changing lives.

Fostering People first opened its doors in 2000, when a local social worker came up with the idea of starting a new, independent fostering service in the East Midlands. Her idea was to provide plenty of excellent personal support, right in the heart of the local community. Today, this still holds true – except we’re now present in even more communities: Scotland, the North East, North West, West Midlands, East of England and Yorkshire. In these places, the excellence of our work means we’re the preferred choice of partner for many local authorities, who trust us to provide a high quality and caring local service. Just as importantly, so do foster parents in these communities.

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