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Detailed Information

Children and young people are placed with Outlook Fostering by various Local Authorities across the South East of England areas and through robust matching we aim to find the right family for each child, teenager, sibling group, Parent & Child or Unaccompanied Asylum seeking children. Our children have diverse emotional and physical needs; therefore, our role is to recruit, assess, train, support and supervise foster carers so that they are able to provide effective care and support to meet those needs. We are currently looking for new and existing foster carers in the Kent and Essex regions. We welcome interest from all kinds of people who may be single, married, in a relationship, LGBT and either own or rent their home which will have at least one spare bedroom. What matters is that you have the desire to care for a vulnerable child or young person. Carers are needed from all backgrounds, ethnicities and religions in order to provide choice of placement for children in care and with our robust matching process we ensure that families are able to meet the individual needs of a child in care. Our team consists of professionally qualified, highly experienced social workers and administrators, supported by independent social workers and outreach staff, who are all appropriately qualified and supervised. External consultants are employed as required to provide any specialist advice and support to staff and carers. So what makes Outlook Fostering stand out from other providers and Local Authority? It’s all about our approach, listening to the child’s voice and working together for the best outcomes for that child or young person. Our dedicated staff and carers have a great relationship and in caring for our team we care better for our children and young people.

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