Regional Foster Families - North West Liverpool, North West

Regional Foster Families - North West

  • Liverpool, North West

Detailed Information

Regional Foster Families is an independent family owned agency. We provide foster parents for children and young people from the Local Authorities who need to be cared for away from their home. The aim of Regional Foster Families is to recruit, train and support foster parents to provide homes for children and young people, whilst providing twenty-four hour support. Our foster families provide the following:
  • Short term care – this is generally classed as one day to any period up to 2 years. The child then may return to their birth family or be adopted.
  • Long term care – this is generally more than 12 months and can be until the child is 18 years of age.
  • Staying put – this is for children who are have been living in a foster family prior to them becoming 18 years old and then have the opportunity to remain with the family.
  • Respite care – this is generally from our own organisation providing respite for our own foster families; however, this can also include regular respite arrangements to support children living with their birth family.
  • Short breaks – this is generally to provide short breaks for families caring for children with disabilities.
  • Emergency placements – these are required at very short notice if there is an urgent need for a foster family for a child/children.
  • Sibling groups – this can be for 2 or more children to help keep families together.
  • Parent and child arrangements – this requires foster parents with experience in assessing parenting.  Foster parents will need to assess and support the parents to care for their children.

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